Friday, 25 March 2011

talking about death

talking with friends to meet next week

then i say insyaAllah if I am still alive.

then another friend make a very different eye contact.

to me, again to me it is like means don;t say that.

you can;t say you are gonna die tomorrow. or it is bad to say you gonna die.

that is one part. the other part and the truth we do not know when we are gonna die.

and it is good to remember death all the time.

as a believer of hell fire and heaven. if you remember death then you will
not talk bad things and collect more dosa. or sin.

what if tak sempat ber taubat or minta maaf pada sesiapa yang tersinggung.

huhuhuhu Allah i dont wanna go to the hell fire. please help me and
i wanna go to the heaven. but i am worth it. too many sin and too little good deed or

Aku kini berjanji dengan benar bahawa hidupku, matiku, solatku, ibadahku hanya untukMu ya Allah.

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