Wednesday, 16 March 2011

wow azam yang best utk di contohi

wow ni memang menarikk...

kalau boleh lah saya ikuti ... amin






This my constancy for The Year 2010 that I should follow the whole procedures as below :

1) Alwways "Istighfar" 1000 times everyday.
2) Always recite Al-Fatihah 70 times after "Solat Subuh".
3) Always "Selawat" to Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. 10 times after "Solat Fardhu".
4) Step by step to memorize the whole of Al-Qur'an everyday.
5) Always recite six juzu' of Al-Qur'an everyday.
6) Always recite "Al-Ma'thurat" every morning and evening.
7) Always wake up to "Qiamullail" every night.
8) Always perform Dhuha prayer every morning.
9) Always fast every Monday dan Thursday.
10) Always read a new book or "Kitab" of Al-Hadith and "Sirah Nabawiyyah".
11) Always remember special dates of my family's birthday.

amin amin amin semuga Allah merahmati mu


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