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It has three sections, ninety six verses, three hundred seventy eight words and one thousand seven hundred three letters.
3 sections
96 verses
378 words
1703 letters


This Meccan chapter was revealed in early period of Meccan life before coming of Hazrat Umar in to the fold of Islam. It has three sections, ninety six verses, three hundred seventy eight words and one thousand seven hundred three letters.

In that period three main problems were disputed by the infidels, Unity of God, Holy Book Quran and the Day of Resurrection.

The chapter begins with the event of the Day of Resurrection. On that Day the entire human community shall be divided into three groups; the people of the Right, the people of that Left and the people who took the lead.

The first section deals in detail the position of the people of Right and of those who took lead. In the second section the evil condition of the people of the left has been mentioned. Then authentic arguments have been given about the presence of only one God.

In last section the truth of the Holy Book Quran revealed by God has been emphasized by strong and convincing arguments. It has been clearly declared that judgement is inevitable and the three classes will receive what they deserve. "Those nearest to God in exalted Bliss; the companions of the Right Hand, in bliss and the companions of the Left Hand, in Misery". (Abdullah Yousuf Ali The Holy Quran), Characteristics and benefits of the Chapter.

Hazrat Ibne Masood says that he heard this saying of the Prophet that one who recite this chapter daily in the night, he would never face starvation. Hazrat Ibne Abbas too says so.

Hazrat Anas narrates from the Prophet that this chapter is the chapter of wealth and prosperity. So one should recite it himself and should teach to his progeny to recite it.

Hazrat Anas narrates from the Prophet that he ordered to teach this chapter to the women of the house as it is a chapter of wealth and prosperity.

Revealed at Mecca. 3 Sections. 96 Verses.

Allah in the name of the Most Affectionate, the Merciful.


1. When the Event inevitable shall come to pass.

2. Then there shall be no room for any one to deny its happening.

3. Bringing low to someone and exalting to some.

4. When the earth shall tremble with severe shaking.

5. And the mountains shall be broken to pieces completely smashed.

6. And will become like thin particles of dust scattered in the sunshine of the ventilator.

7. And you shall become three kinds.

8. Then those on the right side how are those on the right side?

9. And those on the left side how are those on the left side?

1 0. And those who took the lead they have already taken the lead.

11. They are the favorite trusted persons.

12. In the gardens of comfort

13. A group from among the former ones.

14. And a few from among the later ones.

15. They shall be on thrones studded with diamonds and pearls

16. Reclining on them facing each other.

17. Abiding youths shall go round them carrying.

18. Goblets and ewers and cups with flowing drink before sight.

19. Where from they will have neither headache nor any unconsciousness.

20. And fruits that they like

21. And the flesh of birds as they desire.

22. And fair maidens with wide eyes.

23. Like preserved, hiddenn pearls.

24. The recompense for their doings.

25. They shall not hear therein any vain or any sinful talk.

26. Yes, this will be their saying peace, peace.

27. And those on the right side, how are those on the right side?

28. In the midst of thorn-less berry trees.

29. And clusters of bananas

30. And abiding shade.

31. And ever flowing water

32. And fruits abundants

33. Neither ending, nor for bidden

34. And raised couches

35. Undoubtedly, We made those women grow with good growth

36. And made them virgins.

37. Loving to their husbands, attracting them, of equal age.

38. For those on the right side.


39. A group from amongst the former ones.

40. And a group from amongst the later ones.

41. And those on the left side,

42. How are those on the left side?

43. In the midst of scorching winds and boiling waters.

44. And the shadow of burning smokes.

45. Which is neither cool nor Honourable.

46. Verily before this, they were at ease.

47. And used to say, what! When we are dead and become dust and bones, shall we necessarily be raised up?

48. And what! Our former fathers too?

49 Say. 'Surely, all former ones and later ones.

50. Shall necessarily be gathered to the appointed time of a known Day.

51. Then, verily, O you the misguided ones, the beliers

52. Shall surely eat of the tree of Zaqqum (Cactus).

53. And fill your belies there will,

54. And again you will drink thereon of boiling water.

55. Then you will drink as thirsty camel’s drink.

56. This is their entertainment on the Day of judgement.

57. We have created you, why then, you do not accept the truth?

58. So look you, the sperm drop that you emit.

59. Do you make human being of it or We are the Maker?

60. We have fixed death among you; and We are not to be outstripped by this,

61. That We may exchange the likes of you, and may fashion your faces in a manner, which you know not.

62. Undoubtedly, you have already known the first growth, why then, do you not reflect?

63. Tell you then, what you sow?

64. Do you make crop of it or We are the Grower?

65. If We willed, We might trample it into pieces then you would remain lamenting.

66. That we are indebted,

67. Rather we remained deprived altogether.

68. Tell you then, the water you drink.

69. Did you send it down from the clouds, or We are the Sender?

70. If We willed, We might make it bitter, what! Then, are you not grateful?

71. Tell you then, the fire you kindle.

72. Did you produce the tree thereof or We are the Producer?

73. We made it a reminder of the Hell and a benefit for the wayfarers in the forest.

74. Therefore O beloved! Glorify the name of your Lord the Magnificent


75. Then I swear by the places where the stars set.

76. And if you know that is mighty oath.

77 Undoubtedly, this is an Honourable Quran.

78. In a well preserved Book

79. Touch it not but with ablution.

80. It is a sending down from the Lord of all Being.

81. Do you then, show idleness in this statement?

82. And do you keep for you this share that you belie?

83. Why then it was not when the soul reaches to the throat.

84. And you are at that time looking on.

85. And We are near to it than you, but you have no sight.

86. Why then it was not, if you are not to be requited,

87. That you may send it back if you are truthful?

88. Then if the person dying is of the near ones,

89. For him is the comfort and flower and a garden of delight.

90. And if he be of those on the right side,

91. Then O beloved, peace is upon you from those on the right side.

92. And if he be of the beliers, the misguided,

93. Then his entertainment is the boiling water.

94. And the thrusting into the blazing fire.

95. Undoubtedly, this is the truth of certainty.

96. Therefore O beloved', glorify the name of your Lord the Magnificent.



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Surah Al Waqiah
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Surah Al-Waqi’ah adalah surah yang ke -56 di dalam Al-Quran, terletak pada juzuk ke 27 dan terdiri dari 96 ayat. Dinamakan Al-Waqi’ah kerana di ambil dari lafal Al-Waqi’ah yang terdapat pada ayat pertama surah ini, yang ertinya kiamat. Di dalam surah Al-Waqi’ah ini menerangkan tentang hari kiamat, balasan yang diterima oleh orang-orang mukmin dan orang-orang kafir. Diterangkan pula penciptaan manusia, tumbuh-tumbuhan, dan api, sebagai bukti kekuasaan Allah dan adanya hari berbangkit.

Di dalam surah Al-Waqi’ah terkandung beberapa khasiat, antara lain:

Bila orang membiasakan membaca surah ini setiap malam satu kali, maka dia dijauhkan dari kemiskinan selamanya.
Bila di baca 14 kali setiap selesai solat Asar, maka orang yang membacanya itu akan memperoleh kekayaan yang berlimpah ruah.

Jika di baca surah ini sebanyak 41 kali dalam satu majlis (sekali duduk), insyaAllah di tunaikan segala hajatnya khususnya yang berkaitan dengan rezeki.

Supaya menjadi orang yang kaya sentiasa bersyukur, amalkan membaca surah ini sebanyak 3 kali selepas solat subuh dan 3 kali selepas solat Isya’. InsyaAllah tidak akan berlalu masa setahun itu melainkan ia akan di jadikan seorang yang hartawan lagi dermawan.

Amalan orang-orang sufi, supaya dilimpahkan rezeki. Hendaklah berpuasa selama seminggu bermula pada hari Jumaat. Setiap selepas solat fardhu bacalah Surah Al-Waqi’ah ini sebanyak 25 kali sehinggalah sampai pada malam Jumaat berikutnya; pada malam Jumaat berikutnya itu, selepas solat Maghrib bacalah surah ini sebanyak 25 kali, selepas solat Isya’ bacalah surah ini sebanyak 125 kali diikuti dengan selawat keatas Nabi sebanyak 1000 kali.

Setelah selesai, hendaklah ia memperbanyakkan sedekah. Kemudian amalkanlah surah ini sekali pada waktu pagi dan petang. Insya’Allah berhasil.

Surah ini jika dibaca disisi mayat atau orang yang sedang nazak, insyaAllah di permudahkan untuk roh keluar dari jasadnya. Jika dibaca disisi orang sakit, diringankan kesakitannya. Jika di tulis, kemudian dipakaikan kepada orang yang hendak bersalin, InsyaAllah segera melahirkan dengan mudah. Boleh juga dibaca disisi orang yang hendak bersalin sebagai selusuh.

Menurut As’Syeikh Abi’l Abbas katanya
Bila hendak mengamalkan surah Al-Waqi’ah ini, terlebih dahulu berpuasa selama 7 hari, di mulai pada hari Jumaat berakhir pada hari Khamis. Puasanya “tidak memakan sesuatu yang bernyawa / tidak makan ikan, daging, segala haiwan, hanya makan sayur-sayuran sahaja.

Dalam 7 hari itu, sesudah solat fardhu, membaca surah Al-Waqi’ah sebanyak 25 kali. Apabila bacaan tersebut di mulai setelah solat fardhu Subuh pada hari Jumaat pertama, maka diakhirilah pembacaan Al-Waqi’ah itu pada setelah fardhu Isya’ pada Jumaat berikutnya.

Pada malam Jumaat terakhir ini hendaklah membaca surah Al-Waqi’ah sebanyak 125 kali kemudian selawat 1000 kali.

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