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To avoid food poisoning from undercooked food, follow these simple rules:

Man left paralysed after eating undercooked pork chop
Listeria food poisoning

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Man fights for his life after eating undercooked meat
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A man who was left paralysed after eating an pork chop contaminated with the food poisoning bug Listeria, has warned about the dangers of eating undercooked meat.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, Darren Ashall, 46, said he fell ill several weeks after eating pork chops which had been cooked on a caravan stove when working away from home, which he suspected were undercooked.

This apparently gave him listeria meningitis, a serious disease which has a mortality rate above 25 per cent, and an abscess on his brain.

Listeria bacteria can be found in uncooked meat, vegetables, unpasteurized milk and even in some processed foods. It is killed through sufficient cooking and pasteurisation.

Mr Ashall, from Chorley, Lancashire, said that a month after eating the uncooked meat he went to hospital thinking he was having a heart attack. With his face drooping to one side he was hospitalised and placed in intensive care.

The infection completely paralysed him and he was placed on a ventilator to aid breathing.

It was not until a few weeks later that he regained his vision and voice.

Mr Ashall has been told he will never recover fully from the infection and will be on a course of antibiotics for the rest of his life.

To avoid food poisoning from undercooked food, follow these simple rules:

DO - Wash and dry all uncooked meat. Keep it refrigerated and separate from cooked food - Use fridge and freezer thermometers. The fridge should be below 5 C. and freezer below 18C. - Cook all meat thoroughly - Use left overs quickly - Wash all vegetables and salads (including pre-washed) and pat dry with kitchen roll or a clean cloth - Keep all dairy produce in the fridge - Thaw all frozen food thoroughly - Reheat 'TV dinners', 'cook chilled' meals and pre-cooked poultry until they are piping hot - Wash 'chopping boards' after raw meat has been on them, before using them for other food - Follow manufacturers instructions exactly when using a microwave to cook or reheat food

DON'T - Use a knife that has just cut uncooked meat to cut cooked meat or salads - Eat soft cheeses or pate if you are pregnant - Store salads or dairy produce near uncooked meat or poultry - Eat raw eggs - ideally eggs should be boiled for 6 minutes - Eat foods that have passed their 'eat by' dates

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