Wednesday, 6 July 2011

"not" to come back to Malaysia.

1) Firstly
Make sure that these so call scholars must return to the country to serve regardless of the prospect for further education excuses (If they are good enough in the first place, they can easily get it back later). I knew quite a few of these scholars that have taken this route in order "not" to come back to Malaysia.

2) Secondly
If they don't return to the country to serve, ban all their next of kins up till 2 generations from any government aid, scholarship, etc. This shall deter them from betraying not only their country, but to their own family. We must put some responsibility back to the family. This can be easily implemented by tracing our National IC Registry.

3) Thirdly
Most importantly, all scholars' name and IC number must be announced in public just like our very own National Service conscription notice in major newspapers, etc. We want to know our scholars too. Why hide, when they should be proud of their own achievements.

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