Monday, 10 May 2010

Basic Principles of Effective Communication

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Basic Principles of Effective Communication

Effective communication is the pathway to build a strong relationship but unfortunately it’s so often overlooked. This article will provide some basic principles and tips for effective communication.

From my experience, the three most important basic principles of effective communication are:

1. Always listen when someone is talking.
2. Make sure that it is a two way process.
3. Affirm and acknowledge results.


The most frustrating thing about communication is when the person whom you are talking to is not listening to you. Before you even finish a sentence, he cuts you off. A lot of the misunderstanding and misinterpretion are caused by not listening to other party.


Communication should always be a two way process. Make it safe for other to express his views. Effective communication means ideas are exchanging freely.


Effective communication is about the RESULT you get. This is perhaps the most important thing in any communication. It means the person you are communicating to totally understands your point. And you also understand his point. So to ensure that your communication is effective, you must always confirm understanding.

That’s the three most basic pronciples for an effective communication. It sounds simple but in practice, it is perhaps the hardest principles to follow, and has to be constantly worked at.

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