Tuesday, 11 May 2010

STL 2 K1 K2 K3

k1 is explain why it is important to observe pupils development and behaviour
k2 is why you should check your observations with your colleagues and why it is important
k3 if you had a concern with a pupils behaviour who would you report it to and why


3 is teacher problems with behaviour could mask a number of problems which the child may be experiencing why would you report a concern r u able to deal with it yourself, perhaps it is outside your remit.
k1 observatinb on pupil development and behaviour if you dont know where the child is in development you dont know what level to set work or next steps, behaviour can show you triggers which you can either avoid or give child clues to choosing correct behaviour
check obs with a collegue you may see something that is actually not there or you could note something perhaps a collegue has noted something but if you dont share info you both may think it's a one off when in fact its part of a pattern - think child abuse


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