Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Level 2 core/mandatory units

Level 2 core/mandatory units

STL1: Provide support for learning activities
STL2: Support children’s development (CCLD 203)
STL3: Help to keep children safe (CCLD 202)*
STL4: Contribute to positive relationships (CCLD 201)
STL5: Provide effective support for your colleagues

Level 2 optional units
STL6: Support literacy and numeracy activities
STL7: Support the use of information and communication technology for teaching and learning
STL8: Use information and communication technology to support pupils’ learning*
STL9: Observe and report on pupil performance
STL10: Support children’s play and learning (CCLD 206)
STL11: Contribute to supporting bilingual/multilingual pupils
STL12: Support a child with disabilities or special educational needs (CCLD 209)
STL13: Contribute to moving and handling individuals (HSC223)
STL14: Support individuals during therapy sessions (HSC212)
STL15: Support children and young people’s play (PW2)
STL16: Provide displays (IL 3/10)*
STL17: Invigilate tests and examinations*

*units appear in both level 2 and level 3

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