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In developmental psychologist Robert Kegan’s research he has observed people developing through six stages of self. Other researchers have made similar observations. However, these same researchers have observed a tendency in a majority of people to arrive at a personal ceiling of development that is short of the higher levels.

Most of us simply never reach our developmental potential.

Moreover, Kegan asserts the order of consciousness arrived at by most of us is typically not sufficient to cope effectively with the demands of life in our modern world. Must we settle for a world created and overseen by mediocre minds or is there some way beyond our current species-wide inadequacy of awareness?

Phronesis presents the story of how an ‘alchemy’ that our brains perform in making a series of life-changing transitions may be our best hope for encouraging individual and collective mental development.


Table of Contents


Brain 'Alchemy'

A Brief History of the Brain

Can We Change?

The Levels of Awareness


The Early Years: Separation

Level 3 Awareness: Membership

Level 4 Awareness: Individuality

Level 5 Awareness: Interdependence

Level 6 Awareness: Wholeness

An Uncertain World

Are We There Yet?

Getting There

Creating a Sustainable Future



Phronesis: Practical Wisdom From Today's Mind Sciences (2009) by Terry Findlay.

Terry Findlay is a web designer ( and software developer for Macintosh computers ( He has passionate interests in psychology, neuroscience, theoretical physics, and philosophy. This book is the result of Terry’s extensive explorations of these disciplines.

Terry is involved in a number of community organizations in his home town. He lives with his wife, 4 cats, and a dog in Keremeos, B.C., Canada.

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