Wednesday, 12 May 2010

role of head teacher

What role does each person have in the workplace?

Head Teacher

* School’s financial management including all essential duties and financial controls are undertaken. Managing and administering the School’s budget.
* Manages and provides leadership and direction including aims and targets established by the Governing body.
* Philosophy and curriculum of the school.
* Leading and managing of the School’s development plan.
* Formulates and implements School’s policies.
* Management of resources organisation and control of the school.
* Respond and implement promptly recommendations from audit/inspections.
* Responsible for maintenance of premises.
* Manage, monitor and review the range, quality, quantity and usage of all available resources within the school.
* Overall line management of all the staff including appraisals of staff, monitoring quality and standards of education.
* Responsible for links to outside agencies, other schools and the wider community.

Deputy Head

* Assist Head teacher with the leadership, philosophy and curriculum of the school.
* Deputise for Head teacher.
* Leading learning and teaching.
* Providing support and development of staff.

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