Saturday, 15 May 2010

tempe story

i read it before and again today at here

the conclusions;;;

Morale of the story:
In everyday life, we often pray, and "forcing" God to give us what we think is the most suitable for us. And if our prayer is not granted, we feel abandoned, disappointed. But, God knows best what is most suitable for us. Never place any bad feeling or intention to God and believe His plan is PERFECT.

When God grants us our prayers, He listens to us,
When God delays granting our prayers, He is testing us,
When God doesn't grant us our prayers, He has a better plan for us.

God is perfect and He gives the best to us. He may give something we do not like and as a human being, we kind of like the nice and the things we want not knowing it may be the thing that is bad for us. So when God gives something not of our wish, take it with full acceptance for God is all-knowing.

Do not despair, as God's love is every where.

" may be that you dislike a thing and the same is good for you, and you love a thing and the same is bad for you: Allah knows but you do not." [2:216]

For Allah is the best disposer of all affairs. =)

for me. let me say thank you Allah.... as many as i can. please Allah and thank you.

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