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Designing Research for Publication

Designing Research for Publication

Anne Sigismund Huff Technische Universität München

It is easy to be paralyzed by the possibilities and responsibilities of academic work or distracted into one fascinating alley after another without cumulative insight. Even when well underway too many scholars sink into necessary details and do not complete the less inviting tasks that are required to engage the attention of others.

Designing Scholarly Research addresses efforts to avoid these and other pitfalls. It is written especially for those early in their careers who must quickly master the basic mechanics of research and publication if they are to succeed as academics, and for those who try to assist them.



Part I: Choosing an Academic Home
Chapter 1: Finding the Right Conversation
Chapter 2: Criteria for Contribution
Chapter 3: Theoretical Explanation
Chapter 4: Evolution of Scholarly Projects
Part II: Designing Your Contribution
Chapter 5: Research Design
Chapter 6: Ontology and Epistemology
Chapter 7: Disciplines, Professions, and Their Subfields of Inquiry
Chapter 8: Literature Review
Chapter 9: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods
Chapter 10: Links to Practice and Policy
Chapter 11: Modeling Theoretical Propositions, by David Whetten
Chapter 12: Evaluation of Research Design and Outcomes
Part III: Conversations About Scholarship
Chapter 13: Mike Wallace on Critical Reading and Writing
Chapter 14: Gary Gaile, Susan Clarke, and Jim Huff on Controversies About Theory
Chapter 15: Susan Hanson on the Evolution of Multidisciplinary and Coauthored Research Projects
Appendix A: Internet Tools Supporting Scholarship
Appendix B: Questions for Those Designing Research, by Vivek Velamuri
Appendix C: Exercises Summary
Appendix D: Advice Summary
Appendix E: Summary of Political and Career Questions
Selected Bibliography, by Tobias Fredberg
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Useful and interesting for students considering trying to get their work ready for publication

Mrs Annie Ostapenko

Community Studies, Truro College

Feb 10 2010


Takes my course's approach to research writing from their current needs to write an MA thesis to the future needs as professionals.

Mr Chris Faulk

Rhetoric and Composition, American University In Cairo

Dec 08 2009

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