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Ar Rumi's Seven Pieces of Advice

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siapa ar Rumi? saya kena buat research lah...

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Ar Rumi's Seven Pieces of Advice

In Generosity in helping others....Be like the river
In Compassion and Grace....Be like the sun
In Concealing others' fault....Be like the night.
In Anger and Fury....Be like the dead.
In Modesty and Humility....Be like the soil.
In Tolerance....Be like the ocean.
Either appear as you are or ......Be as you appear.

Maxims from Ar Rumi.

The wars of men are like the quarrels of children; both are meaningless and stupid.
Indeed envy is a defect worse than any other.
If you want to receive mercy, be merciful to the weak.
Before you say anything, first listen.
Thoughtless friends are themselves the enemy.
Don't allow your animal nature to rule your reason.
The people of the world don't examine themselves, and they blame one another.
O, happy is the soul that sees its own faults.
The middle path is the way to wisdom.
Revile those who flatter you.
The essence of all wisdom is to know the answer to "Who am I?" and
"What will become of me?" on the Day of Judgement.
Know that a word suddenly shot from the tongue is like an arrow shot from the bow. Son, that arrow won't turn back on its way; You must damn the torrent at its source.
Look where you step. You will avoid a false step and you will be saved from stumbling.
The carnal soul inside you that is waiting to ambush you is worse than anything else in terms of pride and resentment.
Hard work and earning are not obstacles to finding a treasure! Continue to work hard, if it is God's will, the treasure will find you.

Adat manusia, kita suka kata-kata yang indah. Tetapi Ar Rumi tidak mahu kompromi jika kata-katanya di salah tafsirkan. Maka dia berkata:

"I am the servant of the Quran as long as I have life.
I am the dust on the path of Muhammad, the Chosen One,
If anyone interprets in any other way,
I deplore that person and I deplore his words."

Wa Allahu'alam.

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