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(CNR) -- With the recession in full swing, many consumers are turning to the internet
to take advantage of special trial offers allowing them to save hundreds of pounds.

Cathy, a teacher and mum of one, from Essex, is one such consumer. She recently discovered a clever way of combining two teeth whitening risk-free product trials from two different companies - Bella Brite and Ortho White -- to get one full "super" whitening.

Thanks to the trick she discovered, thousands of consumers have been able to whiten their teeth from home.


First get Bella Brite

(Use Voucher Code: TRIAL)


Then get Ortho White
(Use Voucher Code: SMILE)

This is key:

Use both, The Tray first, followed by the Pen for results like Cathy's

Cathy, a teacher and mum of one, from Essex, is one such consumer. She recently discovered a clever way of combining two teeth whitening risk-free product trials from two different companies - Bella Brite and Ortho White -- to get one full "super" whitening.

In fact, Cathys own dentist says that the whitening this gave Cathy's teeth is comparable to what you might attain at a dentist's office for £400 or more, using nothing but trial offers and paying just a few pounds in shipping charges. Cathy's story has been written up in a number of sites all over the internet, and we thought it would be a great example of how you too can beat this recession. If you haven't already read about Cathy, how she wound up with yellow teeth sounds all too familiar to many of us:

"Well, honestly, I did quite a few things that probably contributed to my yellow teeth. I have an occasional glass of red wine, I'm an avid coffee drinker, and, most regrettably, I started smoking way back in college when I was about 21 years old. I smoked for just over 10 years before finally quitting, and although I'm very happy I did quit, I was disappointed that my teeth really didn't recover. Finally, I was self employed for many years and had little or no dental coverage. I can't claim to have brushed twice a day every single day, but I honestly think I was usually pretty good about it... and I didn't see any improvement, no matter how many "whitening toothpastes" I tried. Anyway, long story short, the coffee (couple cups a day), red wine here and there, and about ten years of smoking made my teeth something I was ashamed of.

...I'm certainly not a rich woman and didn't think I could afford it. But after looking around and reading what had actually worked for other people, I found the two products others had said had worked so well for them. Then I looked all over the internet and found special offers (and coupon codes) where you could try the products by only paying a few pounds for shipping & handling. That allowed me to get these two different products using only the trials! I followed the suggestions of people that this worked for and used both products together. The results were really good with just the first product alone, but what I hadn't expected was that when I followed it with the second product, I saw dramatic improvements in parts of my teeth that the other product had only slightly improved. Like I said, I'm no doctor or medical expert, but it was pretty clear that Bella Brite and Ortho White focused on DIFFERENT parts of the problem, or that the second product gave the teeth whitening enough of a "boost" that it completely finished the job! So by using them both in a row I was able to get better results than I ever thought I could, and because they both had trials AND I found promo codes for them, I was able to do the whole thing by just paying a few pounds in shipping charges, that's less money than a sandwich!."

Cathy: "I not only found products that produced a result as good as or better than what I would have expected from the dentist, but I found out that these teeth whitening companies are desperate for new customers in this recession and are currently offering trials of their products."

As Cathy describes it, "I was surprised by the results after the very first day - but once I saw my teeth after a week, I was totally blown away... I knew I was onto something."

Most clever, perhaps, is the fact that combining two trials, and using them one after another, allowed Cathy to get what could effectively be described as a "super whitening" without breaking the bank.

When we asked Cathy more about her discovery, she explained that "The trick is to use TWO trial products after one another to give yourself a whitening that's better than you ever could have expected."

Thank you to Cathy for this week's consumer review. Cathy has shared her discovery with thousands of people over the internet. If you're interested in using Cathy's trick, we've provided links below. Remember, to get results like Cathy's, you will want to use the following:

Cathy provided us with two coupon codes reducing shipping costs to under £2.90 total*
(£1.95p for Bella Brite (reduced from £4.95), and 95p for Ortho White, (reduced from £3.95, valid until Sunday, May 15, 2011):

STEP 1: Click Here For A Risk-Free Trial Of Bella Brite (Use Promo Code: SMILE) (expires:Tuesday, 24, May 2011)

STEP 2: Click Here For A Risk-Free Trial Of Ortho White (Use Promo Code: SMILE) (expires:Tuesday, 24, May 2011)

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Tooth whitening is the most common cosmetic service provided by dentists today. This year alone, consumers spent a whopping 1.7 billion dollars on tooth whitening products, and services.

Having your teeth whitened at the dentist takes many hours, multiple visits, and costs you hundreds to thousands of dollars to get noticeable results. Every year dentists cause permanent damage from strong bleaching chemicals, and excessive heat from the lasers. BellaBrite strips are dentist tested and approved, and are safe on enamel. The groundbreaking BellaBrite professional teeth whitening system lets you whiten with the same peroxide agents as dentists, without the risk. By using a laser free method of whitening consumers have no risk of permanent damage but experience the same professional results.

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