Sunday, 21 August 2011

repetition, visualization, relaxation and clarity of your goal..




and clarity of your goal..

over,over and over again.

min at 4.01

session 13 rapid technique

10% of your potential

never spend 15% of mental potential..

activate the brain cell...

Rapid Learning technique

super learning.

used only 1%
BRAIN = intelligence

is not IQ but ACTING... develop your intelligence

the same way as muscle is develop.

year and year of develope. IQ is NULLIBLE

While many people have "dreams and aspirations" about how they want their futures to turn out, very few people actually have a plan to get there.

No matter what your dreams and aspirations are, one thing is certain: To achieve them, you must have the right tools to guarantee your success.

After 20 years of research, observation and reading -- I understand what tools it takes to achieve more than the average person.

I took all of my findings and put it into a "success system" that I could share with the world...and Maximum Achievement is the written culmination of my findings.



learning is mallible

you can learn to learn..

the more you learn, the greater the capacity you become

your capacity to learn expand.

IF YOU want to EARN more, you need to LEARN MORE.



jeopardy and learning.

the more active your mind is the longer you LIVE.

7 hours of tv a day made you very passive.
the longer you learn , the more energy you have ,
the healthier, the more VITALITY


the live of GREAT person start at age 75, 100, 91

ACTIVE, intelligent LEARNER

Software For The Brain (4-7) Brian Tracy

BOOK on SUPER learning.....

RAPID learning
super learning

how can you take more information at a faster rate...

use both hemisphere of the brain.

children at age 5 or 6 learn 25% more, fantastic rate.

left and right were responsible of diffrent

left is VERBAL, ANALYTICAL, pragmatic., ABTRACT, language, ligical order, math

right picture, HOLISTIC, INTUITIVE,LINEAR (orderly,sequential), musical and artistic

2 hemisphere have to be HARMONIZE.

first level BETA level...

AWAKE. most active. and learn the LEAST.

ALPHA level

- tendency to learn when deep relaxation

THETA level

- start to dreamng, hallutionary


60 people to learn 100 word

play a gentle music and using card
in a deep ralex state



to increase the learning


conclusion. 98% retention rate with no experience before.

then add 500 words. in a day.


2 weeks later.

a 1000 words in one day.

able to learn 1 1000 words they learn.


69% with out any review.

with music

up to 3000 words

with 80% retention.

conclusion is BRAIN capacity is INFINITE.


1200 to 2000 words in your daily life..


gentle , classical music


learn this methodology... learn RAPIDLY


1. define what you want to learn

that you interested, important DEFINE.

DEFINE your purposr. WHY?

2. desire to learn. DESIRE. your own DESIRE.

3. with CLASSICAL music. mozart, beethoven. with now WORD.

environmental sound , wave, rain, etc

relaxthe brain. from left to RIGHt brain.

SPACE repetition.

the more you learn , the more you learn,

practise, practise,practise

priority of stimulation is critical

stimulize n challenge your mind.

time of your attention SPAN.

beginning and the end of your study. the more break , the more VARIETY

everything you are the result of your learning.



relaxing deeply

without music

deep relaxation enable us to INTERNALIZE the thought

Software For The Brain (6-7) Brian Tracy


unlock the potential. change brain wave activity.

meditation. close your eye and TAKE a DEEP BREATHE.

meditation is very healthy.

relax the whole body, lower your flush point, cause you sleep better

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