Thursday, 4 August 2011

will wake up with a very active body and highly motivated spirit.

a hadith here:

يعقد الشيطان على قافية رأس أحدكم إذا هو نام ثلاث عقد يضرب كل عقدة عليك ليل طويل فارقد فإن استيقظ فذكر الله انحلت عقدة فإن توضأ انحلت عقدة فإن صلى انحلت عقدة فأصبح نشيطا طيب النفس وإلا أصبح خبيث النفس كسلان

The translation: While anyone of you is sleeping, the shaitan will tie three knots at the back of his head, hitting them [the knots] while saying: “The night is extended for you, so just remain sleeping…!” In that following morning, if he wakes up and straight away remember Allah [recite du’a], one of the knots will be untied. After that, if he takes the wudhu’, another knot will be untied, and lastly, if he performs the solah, another knot will be untied. So he will wake up on that particular morning with a very active body and highly motivated spirit. If not [without du’a, wudhu’, and solah], he will wake up with a terrible soul and will be shrouded with laziness.

(Recorded by Bukhari in his Sahih, Kitab Jum’ah, no. of hadith: 1142)


It is established that the early arouse and the walking to the mosque [for Subuh prayer] gives human the chance to get the pure-morning oxygen, which is very rich with the ozone gas [O3]. This gas gives ample benefits to human-being, because it will act as air filter, producing the antisepsis process, which inhibits the growth and multiplication of microorganisms.

It is also well-known that O3 gas offers valuable and useful effects to our nervous system, giving a better psychological side, as well as active muscles and mind. Scientific knowledge also discovers that O3 gas will fill the earth with its greatest amount during the rise of fajar sadiq, and will slowly wither away as the time for crack of dawn [sunrise] begins. [Reference: At Tibb An Nabawi, by Doctor Ibrahim Ar Rawi]

Subhanallah! This is a gift for us Muslims! Do we really care to grab it? The gas is purposively prepared for us. Let us teach ourselves to wake up early so that we will become among the people who starts the day with a high spiritual and motivational souls. Prevent ourselves from laziness and sluggishness. It will help us to shine and become the best ummah in the world. InshaALLAH!


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