Monday, 12 October 2009

again about reading

so let us read, read and read...

lots of reading for me to do this week....

i like this article from source here


Reading the September 2009 edition of Astroview Traveller the other day. Got the free copy while staying overnite in one of my local budget hotels. I was there just to be alone for awhile; looking for purpose in my life. Have not done this activity for sometime. But, the result was great. I got what I looking for.

Back to the astroview magazine. It cover story was about Will Smith; yes, that great Hollywood star!. Here I just would like to share a great idea that make this guy really a star! Maybe we also can copy it in our life.

He was asked this question;
“Are you a self-help guy?
His answer: Yes, Absolutely. I feel very very confident that the keys to life for me are in reading. The idea that there are millions and billions and trillions of people who have lived before us; and they had problems and they have solved them and they then wrote it down in a book somewhere. So there is no new problem that we can have that we’ve gotta try to figure out by ourselves. There is no issue we can have that somebody did not already write the answer down a thousand years ago in a book…..”

So, this guy is a reader, no wonder he is so successful!

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