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Wake Up Early and Secrets to Help it Happen

i am motivating my children and hope fully

my grandchildren ( which currently is none) to wake up early.........


6 Reasons to Wake Up Early and Secrets to Help it Happen
By Jim Estill

I love the golden hour. The first hour of the day. It is a magical time. I can accomplish so many things. My energy and creativity are at their high point.

I find that getting up early sets to tone for the perfect day. Start well - end well.

6 Reasons I love to wake up early:

1 - I am competitive and feel that it gives me a competitive advantage. Many people oversleep. I do not. So I am able to win.

2 - I like to work out first thing in the morning. Working out adds to my "waking up". And being in shape supports my goals.

3 - Momentum. Waking early gives me high momentum. If I start the day productive, I tend to continue that way.

4 - It is quiet and I get few interruptions early in the morning so I can get lots more done. It also allows "private" time to reflect.

5 - I guard the time knowing it is precious high creativity time. I try to avoid mundane tasks and save the time for working out or work that requires high creativity (like writing this article)

6 - I like to do the worst thing first thing. If I get up early, I am able to knock off one of the tasks I want to get done. This habit has helped me greatly in my success.

Some tricks I use to help me get up early:

1 - Go to bed early. Ok - so I am not real good on this one but I certainly find this one helps.

2 - I sometimes drink a tall glass of water before I go to bed. This causes me to wake early.

3 - I leave the window blinds open a crack. I love waking to natural light.

4 - Resolve. I tell myself the night before I will wake up early. I even set in my mind what time that will be. I rarely set an alarm clock.

5 - When I wake up, I get up. No point in lying in bed.

Waking up early is one of my success habits. We are the product of what we repeatedly do and rising early is one habit worth cultivating.

Enjoy the golden hour!

Jim Estill is a highly successful CEO of billion dollar businesses.

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i like drinking water before going to bed, then early morning i wanna wee and need toilet.

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