Thursday, 1 October 2009

doctors go to private sectors, Whom to blame???

from a pensioner point of view.....

Two days ago was my appointment with Dr Wong at University Malaya Medical Centre. I volunteered to be part of a study concerning people with a Heart problem. I was a civil servant before and I am one of those who would happily volunteer for any study. I do not know exactly the details of the study but suffice to know that I am administered with new drugs to make sure my heart beat is stable and that I can be categorized as low in probability to have a stroke or a heart attack.

But that day was the last appointment with him for he would be joining the private sector. Not that it would be any different to Dr Wong, but I 'beg' him to stay. He said he would stay on if his financial package from the Medical Centre is attractive. His story is a common story in the medical field in Malaysia. Doctors look for greener pastures both for financial reason and career development. I would say it is a sad story for Malaysia, both ways. Patient like me will wait a little longer to see a doctor, not while I am with the research group, but when the research is completed. This is the case with all specialists, my other doctor friend told me. She is a specialist concerning children. She also left for the private sector although she love to stay on.

This brain drain, who should be held responsible. When I was working before, this issue was often debated, but it was an effort in vain. It is the same old answer. The government has limited budget. Personally, I do not buy this argument. Malaysia is RICH in natural resources, petroleum especially. Malaysia has no serious " natural" disaster compared to some other countries of the same group. So the rakyat including me would wonder as to where has all the nation's wealth gone to. And when one read in the newspaper and elsewhere about corruption, integrity, financial scandal, mismanagement, absence of good governance etc, etc we wonder even more. But the rakyat can only wonder and make small talk at kitchen tables and the men may talk about it a little more at the "coffee shop" and that is the end of the issue. It may sound incredible, but it is true.

The rakyat knows that Malaysia has enough supply of capable candidates to be doctors. There are many straight A students every year graduating from the school system. To make a long story short, I would say that the government is in many ways responsible. I risk myself pointing my fingers to the political leadership and to some extent, the top civil servants. May this group of people do some "soul searching" and see if this "Khidmat untuk negara" has been fulfilled. May Allah open up their conscience and may this group of people sincerely look at this problem from within their soul. Not an "empty" soul, but a soul that stoops before the absolute power of Allah, a power that is supreme and transcendental. We are but his Servants and we will finally be held accountable on the Day of Judgement.

May the rakyat one day not have to queue to see a doctor for 3 or 4 hours, and sometimes even 5 hours. May the rakyat one day soon will not have to queue for admission into the wards and may the rakyat will not have to queue for more than an hour to get their medicine. All of us in the HEREAFTER will stand before God alMighty, ALLAH and answer all the above questions. If I am partly responsible may Allah forgive my sins and may Allah allow me the time and energy to contribute to the rakyat by way of becoming a volunteer in research projects in the field of medical science.May be in this way I can redeem my own inadequacies. This is my humble opinion and I speak with humility. I would patiently wait in line until such time...........

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