Thursday, 22 October 2009

have i set my priority? training to achieve goal

By: MiePekan

Just to share with you on the importance of training and setting priority. I learned this from the world's Squash Queen : Nicol David. I was on the plane the other day and got a free copy of the inflight magazine. One article excited me and it was about "15 minutes with". This time it was with Nicol David.

Nicol David was asked, " do you maintain your form?"
Her replies " Squash is my priority, I do it full time. Training and keeping fit are my main focus. I train up to six days a week, including playing squash twice a day, and fitness or gym sessions to make sure i'm prepared for tournaments. I still feel that i have more to do to reach my full potential".

Based on her answers, a lot we can learn from this world No1 squash icon!

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