Friday, 23 October 2009

My Dream - Publish My Book

My Dream - Publish My Book

this is my dream to write a book.

about what?on what?

that is a good questions....

about life = kehidupan;

about study = pengajian

this is someone 10 years old dream too....

write a book
My Dream As a Ten-Year-Old 3 weeks ago
Really. I know that so many people want to do this, but honestly, since I was young enough to understand the concept, I’ve wanted to write a book. A novel. I don’t know if acting influenced it at all, but I’m in love with quirky characters and I’ve always had such a deep wanting to tell a story.
I just need a solid idea…

Sep 25, 08:00PM PDT



and another some one dream too...

My Dream - Publish My Book - More amazing videos are a click away

You stared at the blank page and filled it with words. You did that over and over until the story worked. After battling the demons that tried to keep you from writing, you did the impossible: you finished. Now for the hard part: getting it published. You may have to revise. You may have to start over. But you may have a bestseller on your hands.


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